Saturday, October 30, 2010


Kids do not have a hard a time in learning gadgets such as iphone, laptops, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Ipod etc. It's like they really know these stuff even if it's they're first time to see it.

Yesterday, my uncle and aunts talked to me about something. OMG! My second daughter took a picture of my son's private using my uncle's iphone! I checked the pictures and out of hundred pictures there are two pictures of behind and the private. Other pictures are just funny faces of them, things in the house, etc. But the two pictures made me shocked! They asked me to talk with the two in a nice way. So I talked, asked and explained to them. I asked them why they did it. They just said they don't know. So in other words, it's just a joke to them. They are just amazed of the iphone with camera. I kept calm during our conversation avoiding to be angry. I don't have problem with my eldest bec. I explained her already about "privates". So I asked them not to do it. They promised me back.

Kids life are so simple yet for we adults make them complicated because of our fears that they may hurt themselves, make mistakes, do things that are bad, may hurt other feelings and many other fears. We make sure that we protect them from these.

Kids do things out of curiosity not knowing that it's not allowed. When I knew that they took pictures of the "private", I can't help but laugh bec. I know it's nothing to them but I can't also help that this is very sensitive. Taking pictures using cellphones, cameras, Dsi is not a bad thing but you will never know what are in these pictures. And my uncle stressed out to me that if he hadn't checked his phone, and somebody look in the pictures maybe he will be asked why he has these private pictures? This is so sensitive. But he understood my kids. It's out of curiosity, nothing else.

In the end, I deleted the pictures along with hundred plus non-sense pictures that they took. I told my husband about this and we just laughed about it.

We're so lucky, my uncle and aunt are psychiatrists. They told us to spend more time with the kids bec. they really need it. They need love, affection, appreciation and respect in order for them to love and appreciate themselves and others, too. Thanks T. Dads and T.Pearl!

And my husband and I agreed. :)

And to all parents out there, with your busy schedules and all, spent quality time with your kids bec. time will come you cannot force them to have quality time with you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I went out today to see the doctor. As i've written before I've been quarantined due to chicken pox. Finally, I was outside, had fresh air eventhough it's cold and windy and had sunshine on my skin.

My looks also improved esp. on the face but there still dried scabs on my body. The doctor said that I can work on Monday. Back to work, back to reality.

It's a great feeling going outside, I think my mood is better. It's like I'm alive again! Hahaha

Thank God for a great day. Have a nice day to all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Browsing through my pictures, I saw this one. This is my 2nd attempt to bake choco crinkles. Now i'm craving for one!

credit cards

We're planning to buy a bedframe and we saw one that we really like. We went to Sears, and inquire about easy payment since the bedframe is expensive. The salesperson advised us to have a Sears card. So I started filling up forms then the salesperson started processing it. But I was declined for a the credit limit that we desired and was accepted only for the minimum that they can give. So she called a number and asked if i can be granted with the higher credit limit. After explaining, the person wanted to ask me some information that can be used for evaluating my credit history. She asked so many questions thru phone and my husband was impatient and decided to charge the full payment in my other credit card. at the end we did not avail of the easy payment.

I'm just wondering why am i not granted with higher credit limit for Sears card. I have another in-house card and i filled the application inside the store. After a month i think the card was approved with a reasonable credit limit and without interviews or whatsoever. no questions asked.

Maybe bec. Sears is a US company and the other is not? Well it's ok i don't need many cards anyway. not fond of it actually afraid of it.

happy day

today is a happy day, why?

1) talking to relatives that you haven't seen and talked for a long while

2) INDIEBON will send me the album on NiNNI -YEs! can listen to her
always...thanks INDIEBON

3) it's sunny today-yey! hello sunshine! :)

hope my happiness will continue the rest of the day...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

good day

good morning!

have my morning coffee and p&j sandwich.yummy!

i'm not a coffee person, one coffee a day and that's it. and i'm not meticulous with what kind of coffee i'll have, either instant or brewed. but of course, brewed is better, esp. the kapeng barako from Philippines. I like the one from my hometown Tiaong. I missed also the san mig 3-in-1 coffee, tastes and smells good. If you prepare one the aroma of the coffee will fill the whole room. Can't find it here in my place.

So I made my own concoction, 1 cup of hot skim milk, 1 tsp. instant coffee(Tchibo brand from Karpaty), and 2 tsps. sugar. Weird huh? but it is good. try it!

Monday, October 25, 2010


i love shopping! now that i'm bored i think about shopping. i am not a shopaholic but i like shopping and who doesn't like shopping?

upon reading blogs, i saw the brand Soia & Koy, the have an outerwear sale. i love their wool coats but when i saw the price i was shocked. so expensive and i'm not for this price range. well what do i expect it's hautelook and this will not fit my lifestyle. but i like it.

i'll just stick to window shopping...


i'm bored. i know i have so many things to do, but i don't have the drive to do it plus the weather, just want to sit and watch TV or surf the net.

i've been a "prisoner" for 13 days already, having been sick and quarantined, i'm really bored. i already did some chores but don't want to force myself to much. i want to go out but cannot. bec. of this s----d chicken pox, i am imprisoned here.

few more days and i can go out and breathe fresh air and have sunshine on my skin. will i look the same??? now i look like connect the dots. i hate it. plus the itchiness but i can't do it, afraid i'll have scars.

be patient... at least i don't have fever now.