Wednesday, December 29, 2010

best super mario player

As my kids told me, "you're the best super mario player, mom!"

You read it right I play videogames. I play Wii, Dsi, playstation. And I enjoyed it. Last night I played Super Mario in my son's Dsi and got to World 3.

Today as my son checks his Dsi, he screamed "WHATT!!! I cannot believe it!"

boxing day

When I first came to Canada, I was wondering what's in "boxing day?"
I thought it's a boxing day literally, you know with the gloves and everything since in the Philippines boxing is really famous- Manny Pacquiao mania.

Last Sunday is my second boxing day experience. My hubby and I had a "date" as my in-laws call it because the kids are left with them. A "date" on boxing day? So romantic, huh? :))

Yey! I was more excited because I don't have kids to worry about! NO whining, no complaining, no "again?", no "I'm hungry", no "I have to go to the washroom".

So many people, no parking, cold but what you expect, it's boxing day!

We went only to some stores but don't have a specific item to buy. But one store that made hubby and I satisfied- Reebok outlet store. I told my hubby I want to go there but at first he doesn't want to. Since he doesn't have a choice, he joined me.
Too many people inside and it's like a jungle here. Shoes on the floor everywhere and a long line at the cashier. Hmm, what's happening here?

This is the reason why:

We both got a pair of running shoes for $25 and $30 each. A really great price. And off we go.

What have you got from boxing day?

Friday, December 24, 2010


I was in the dollar store this afternoon. As I was waiting in line, a man said to me, "Kumusta? (How are you?)"

I thought he is talking to another person, then he said again, "Magandang araw! (Good day!)."
And I just realized that he is talking to me in my native language. He is speaking Tagalog but he is not a Filipino like me. He is caucasian. I was looking at him and I replied, "Mabuti naman (I'm fine.)" Then I asked him how come he knew my language. He said that he is married to a Filipina woman, had been in the Philippines and he liked it.

I paid for my item and said goodbye to him. It's so nice to meet someone who is trying to speak my native language. And he is proud also that he married a Filipina.

But I was also scared because I thought someone is making fun of me. I don't usually talk to strangers. Speaking my native language is not funny but I realized he just want be friendly since I looked like a Filipina similar maybe to his wife.

But you'll never's just creepy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

a classic song

a classic song "more to lose" by seona dancing


our monopoly collection...

and the new addition...

thanks to nongnong matt!

before the year ends...

Is this a good year for us?

Yes, we moved into our own house early this year.
Yes, got a brand new car.
Yes, my husband and I still have our jobs.
Yes, kids are growing, learning and eager to learn more.

What I don't like this year?
We got hit by chicken pox- all of us except hubby. And I was the worst.

But still very thankful, we have a great year.

How bout you, is this a good year for you?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

the sun is smiling

It's peace and quiet here. And it's so white outside. It's snowing again since last night.

I am calm now and relaxed already. My husband woke me up yesterday morning and we had our early morning talk. We talked about the week that had passed, what happened last Saturday, our work, everything. And then son entered the room. He said good morning with kisses and hugs. Then entered 2nd daughter, lay down beside me and hugged me. I think it's their way of saying sorry. And I knew that their Dad talked to them.

I was waiting for Ate. But she didn't came to our room. His dad was calling her but still no reply. You see my eldest personality is similar to me. It's hard for me to say sorry. She does not like to show her emotions. And it's the same with me.

She did not talk to me, not a single word. And I'm just waiting. I want her to have the first move so she will realize that she is really sorry. They played in the basement and after a while, son handed me small paper.

It's a note from Ate.

It says, "Mom, I very sorry for what I've done. I tried the water slide in the community center. It's so fun." With a drawing of a kid sliding. I wasn't able to save the letter. :( Hubby cleaned yesterday and he threw it already in the garbage. He likes throwing things in the garbage. But that is a different story.

Back to my eldest. Then I went down to the basement and said sorry also. I gave her a hug and she kissed me. Both of us are smiling!

We went to Mass and prayed. I am happy now.

I was once a kid, too. And I think sometimes I think like a kid. It's just so hard to deal with kids especially if you don't agree with them. I know it's a learning process. You have to be patient with them, after all they are still young. Our love and guidance is all they need. And it's funny you can see your traits in your kids. It's like a mirror image.

And the best part? I had my new pair of boots already. Yey! Hubby brought me to the shoe store yesterday afternoon before going to work. I saw the boots that I really like. And it's on sale with a really good price.

After the rain, the sun is up again.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

is it the weather?

I am not happy. I was so angry and frustrated this morning. I usually wake up on Saturdays late since there is no school, but this morning I was awaken again by yelling and shouting. And the worst is saying the word stupid back and forth. Kids again. Ate was mad because son accidentally dropped her DSi. So she yelled at him. Son was angry,too, and told his dad that ate is stupid.

Ate :"You can never use my Dsi ever!!! Why did you drop it?".

Son:"Solly (sorry), I didn't intend to."

Ate: "Don't ever touched my Dsi."

Son is crying out loud and the he said,"Ate is so stupid!"

Ate yelled back,"you're stupid!."

And Dad intervened and calmed Son. Ate and other 2nd daughter were inside their room. Silence finally.

Then hubby asked the girls to prepare themselves because they had an appointment to the doctor. But Ate and 2nd daughter were not listening because they're busy with Dsi. So I got up and told them to get ready. But still nobody move. I went back to our room and lay down again, calming myself. Every time I have something to tell them to do they don't listen. You have to say it a hundred times before they do it. And if they do it, you can witness rolling eyes, whining, complaining and stomping feet on the stairs. Not to mention banging of doors.

This week I have witnessed these every morning: crying and yelling I feel so frustrated. Are these my kids? What's happening?

Here we are so tired from working, and these scenarios will just add to your tiredness. All I'm asking is just a little consideration from you kids and just do your obligations to yourselves. I am not asking you to clean the house, prepare your food, just focus on yourselves. Be kind to your sister or brother. I just don't understand why do they have to do these things every time they're with their parents. Seeking attention?

Last night, 2nd daughter was crying in the middle of the night saying she can't sleep. When I arrived last night from work and checked them out she was fast asleep. But when she went to pee and saw a light downstairs, she started crying and said that she can't sleep. I was resting last night, having my peace time and there she goes crying. Crying in the morning and now it's crying again. And it's midnight. You gotta be kidding me or is this some kind of joke???

I hate crying but I cried this morning in front of my hubby. Can't take it anymore. Finally had a meltdown. It's my turn to cry and be angry. I went to the washroom and just sat there. Not crying anymore but thinking and telling myself "please, enough of this drama of yours. Stop it, I know it's really hard but it's just the way it is. You can handle this, they are just kids and they are your kids and you love them."

So I went out and went back to bed and lay down again. Hubby entered the room and said "don't worry I'll talk to them. They're just kids. We should be patient with them." And he kissed me on the cheek.

I know they're only kids but sometimes they pushed me to my limits. And I am angry because I have to work 3 weeks straight, so tired and sleepy, guilty because I seldom see them and if ever had the chance you have to see these scenario. Oh, how I wish I work day shift so I can see them at night before they go sleep. How I wish I am a stay home mom to take care of them and be with them. How I really wish!

And before hubby leaves the room,"If you want I can drive you to Winners tomorrow before you go to work."

As if going to a store will help me! Hmmm, maybe a little. :/

The result of being frustrated and angry: cooked fried chicken, my kids favourite!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

singing along with my morning song

Mornings are always a chaos here in our house. I was always awaken by my hubby's voice yelling just to wake up my daughters. It's like the house is shaken by his voice. You can hear groaning,crying and yelling as a reply. Me, I go straight to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast snacks and lunches. I just find peace if they've left already. Now I have so much cleaning to do... and while doing it I'm singing along with this song:

Now, I'm awake already and ready for another day.

What is your song today?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

foreign land

Thanks Shell for having this link.

Do I like it here?

Which is better here or back home?

These are the two questions I always encounter. What's my answer? Yes, I like it here. But I missed back home. Here is better, that's the practical answer.

For more than two years now, my family is surviving here in Canadian soil. Same situation for all the immigrants out there struggling in a land that will give a better life.

I am always thinking of going back every time I feel so low. Questioning myself why do we have to go here and experience all these hardships. Living here is a big difference compared back home. From the weather, food, people and culture. Working with different people(different culture backgrounds) is a shock for me. I missed working with my countrymen because they treat you nice, and with respect not as some kind of dirt coming from a small country. Yes, that I experienced here. Maybe because of my color and English is not my first language. Maybe because I am an immigrant and they say there's no racial discrimination or whatsoever. But the people who treated me like this are people who migrated here also.

But I like it here if we are not talking of my job. It is good for my kids. and where can you have free Catholic education? It's for their future. And we learn to be simple. We are not easily tempted of the material things. My husband and I became better parents to our kids. My hubby really changed from a do-nothing-husband before now a hands-on-husband, domesticated and more responsible. Back home we seldom talk because he is always out. We have only each other now. No friends, no distractions, only us his family. And that's the best thing.

But what am I going to come back for? Back home we don't have our own house. We don't have a job. And if we come back we will start all over again. Maybe I just missed back home. Missed our families and the Filipino culture. And it's Christmas time again, I love Filipino Christmas.

Next year, I'll be our third year here and will apply for citizenship. Excited? Yes and no. But definitely we will apply.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my Supposedly Xmas shopping

I decided to have MY Xmas shopping last Saturday. I need to reward myself since I've been working on weekends twice last November and will work straight from Dec. 3-23 including weekends. so no time to shop. I was thinking of buying a new pair of boots (after reading Sandra's Boots Fashion Show). It'll be great to have one especially wearing my jeggings.

We went first to StyleSense (shoes haven with low prices). No luck. We went next to Winners my favorite store (who doesn't?). But unfortunately, I don't find anything I like.
Whenever we go to Winners, my kids usually stays at the toys section. So I let them scan the toys there. My son saw a pencil set with a Bakugan design. Bakugan? what's that? He never let go of the pencil set. so I just let him hold it for a while and maybe before we leave the store he will forget about it. I found a pair of pants for him and went straight to the cashier. Since Christmas is fast approaching, expect a long line. And there, a very, very long line. I'm not falling in line, don't have the patience to stand there for only one item. And besides it will really take my time and I don't have my boots yet.

Ready to leave, here comes my son holding the Bakugan pencil set. He really wants it. I told him I am not buying it. After hearing the NOT buying it, he's ready to throw a tantrum. Teary eyed and crying out loud made me irritated. I told my hubby I will not fall in line for just two items. Sorry son, cry your heart out, even cry out loud and make a scene but I will definitely not be carried away.

A little irritated, what's a Bakugan anyway? Bakugan is a Japanese anime Tv series which initially failed in Japan but is so popular in USA and Canada. What's in it that he really like? And how come he knew about it? So Hubby and I decided to take him to Walmart and look for a Bakugan toy. So he agreed and stopped crying. Next destination: Walmart.

Finally, we found the Bakugan toy and costs almost six dollars! But since we promised, we bought it. Enough with the Bakugan! It's my turn now. We went to another Winners, still no luck. But hubby is happy, he bought a pair of Nike rubber shoes. Hmmp... and I'm the one shopping here.

And we went home without my boots. :(

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Sunday Song

This is my Sunday Song participation. Thanks to Natasha for having this Sunday Song.

Christmas in our hearts
is one of the Filipino all-time favorite Christmas song. Sung by Mr. Jose Marie Chan and his daughter.

Happy listening!

Friday, December 3, 2010


This morning my son asked, "Mom, why is there a chair outside the house? The one beside the front door?"

I replied,"That chair? Oh, it's for Santa. He will sit there while thinking how will he enter our house since we don't have a chimney."

"Ooooh." he said with a smile in his face while the two girls are giggling.

"He has magic. He can squeeze in the space here between the wall and door." he added.

I just agreed with him.

And off they go.

This made me smile as I close the door.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday cooking

I'm not an expert in cooking. I didn't even inherit my mom's and sister's cooking skills. I am no match to them. But i tried to cook. Maybe I'm more of a baker.

Here's what I cooked today,

Baked pasta with beef and green bell peppers, topped with sliced cheddar cheese.
This will be my kids lunch tomorrow. Maybe their dinner tonight.

And also I cooked crab and corn soup. Great for cold weather...

Hope they will like it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Enjoy the little things in life. One day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

- from Geranium Lady’s Funny Little Book of Big Laughs

Seen this one verse posted by keys and fingers

This is a good start for the day.

Have a great Wednesday to all!