Wednesday, December 29, 2010

best super mario player

As my kids told me, "you're the best super mario player, mom!"

You read it right I play videogames. I play Wii, Dsi, playstation. And I enjoyed it. Last night I played Super Mario in my son's Dsi and got to World 3.

Today as my son checks his Dsi, he screamed "WHATT!!! I cannot believe it!"

boxing day

When I first came to Canada, I was wondering what's in "boxing day?"
I thought it's a boxing day literally, you know with the gloves and everything since in the Philippines boxing is really famous- Manny Pacquiao mania.

Last Sunday is my second boxing day experience. My hubby and I had a "date" as my in-laws call it because the kids are left with them. A "date" on boxing day? So romantic, huh? :))

Yey! I was more excited because I don't have kids to worry about! NO whining, no complaining, no "again?", no "I'm hungry", no "I have to go to the washroom".

So many people, no parking, cold but what you expect, it's boxing day!

We went only to some stores but don't have a specific item to buy. But one store that made hubby and I satisfied- Reebok outlet store. I told my hubby I want to go there but at first he doesn't want to. Since he doesn't have a choice, he joined me.
Too many people inside and it's like a jungle here. Shoes on the floor everywhere and a long line at the cashier. Hmm, what's happening here?

This is the reason why:

We both got a pair of running shoes for $25 and $30 each. A really great price. And off we go.

What have you got from boxing day?

Friday, December 24, 2010


I was in the dollar store this afternoon. As I was waiting in line, a man said to me, "Kumusta? (How are you?)"

I thought he is talking to another person, then he said again, "Magandang araw! (Good day!)."
And I just realized that he is talking to me in my native language. He is speaking Tagalog but he is not a Filipino like me. He is caucasian. I was looking at him and I replied, "Mabuti naman (I'm fine.)" Then I asked him how come he knew my language. He said that he is married to a Filipina woman, had been in the Philippines and he liked it.

I paid for my item and said goodbye to him. It's so nice to meet someone who is trying to speak my native language. And he is proud also that he married a Filipina.

But I was also scared because I thought someone is making fun of me. I don't usually talk to strangers. Speaking my native language is not funny but I realized he just want be friendly since I looked like a Filipina similar maybe to his wife.

But you'll never's just creepy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

a classic song

a classic song "more to lose" by seona dancing


our monopoly collection...

and the new addition...

thanks to nongnong matt!

before the year ends...

Is this a good year for us?

Yes, we moved into our own house early this year.
Yes, got a brand new car.
Yes, my husband and I still have our jobs.
Yes, kids are growing, learning and eager to learn more.

What I don't like this year?
We got hit by chicken pox- all of us except hubby. And I was the worst.

But still very thankful, we have a great year.

How bout you, is this a good year for you?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

the sun is smiling

It's peace and quiet here. And it's so white outside. It's snowing again since last night.

I am calm now and relaxed already. My husband woke me up yesterday morning and we had our early morning talk. We talked about the week that had passed, what happened last Saturday, our work, everything. And then son entered the room. He said good morning with kisses and hugs. Then entered 2nd daughter, lay down beside me and hugged me. I think it's their way of saying sorry. And I knew that their Dad talked to them.

I was waiting for Ate. But she didn't came to our room. His dad was calling her but still no reply. You see my eldest personality is similar to me. It's hard for me to say sorry. She does not like to show her emotions. And it's the same with me.

She did not talk to me, not a single word. And I'm just waiting. I want her to have the first move so she will realize that she is really sorry. They played in the basement and after a while, son handed me small paper.

It's a note from Ate.

It says, "Mom, I very sorry for what I've done. I tried the water slide in the community center. It's so fun." With a drawing of a kid sliding. I wasn't able to save the letter. :( Hubby cleaned yesterday and he threw it already in the garbage. He likes throwing things in the garbage. But that is a different story.

Back to my eldest. Then I went down to the basement and said sorry also. I gave her a hug and she kissed me. Both of us are smiling!

We went to Mass and prayed. I am happy now.

I was once a kid, too. And I think sometimes I think like a kid. It's just so hard to deal with kids especially if you don't agree with them. I know it's a learning process. You have to be patient with them, after all they are still young. Our love and guidance is all they need. And it's funny you can see your traits in your kids. It's like a mirror image.

And the best part? I had my new pair of boots already. Yey! Hubby brought me to the shoe store yesterday afternoon before going to work. I saw the boots that I really like. And it's on sale with a really good price.

After the rain, the sun is up again.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

is it the weather?

I am not happy. I was so angry and frustrated this morning. I usually wake up on Saturdays late since there is no school, but this morning I was awaken again by yelling and shouting. And the worst is saying the word stupid back and forth. Kids again. Ate was mad because son accidentally dropped her DSi. So she yelled at him. Son was angry,too, and told his dad that ate is stupid.

Ate :"You can never use my Dsi ever!!! Why did you drop it?".

Son:"Solly (sorry), I didn't intend to."

Ate: "Don't ever touched my Dsi."

Son is crying out loud and the he said,"Ate is so stupid!"

Ate yelled back,"you're stupid!."

And Dad intervened and calmed Son. Ate and other 2nd daughter were inside their room. Silence finally.

Then hubby asked the girls to prepare themselves because they had an appointment to the doctor. But Ate and 2nd daughter were not listening because they're busy with Dsi. So I got up and told them to get ready. But still nobody move. I went back to our room and lay down again, calming myself. Every time I have something to tell them to do they don't listen. You have to say it a hundred times before they do it. And if they do it, you can witness rolling eyes, whining, complaining and stomping feet on the stairs. Not to mention banging of doors.

This week I have witnessed these every morning: crying and yelling I feel so frustrated. Are these my kids? What's happening?

Here we are so tired from working, and these scenarios will just add to your tiredness. All I'm asking is just a little consideration from you kids and just do your obligations to yourselves. I am not asking you to clean the house, prepare your food, just focus on yourselves. Be kind to your sister or brother. I just don't understand why do they have to do these things every time they're with their parents. Seeking attention?

Last night, 2nd daughter was crying in the middle of the night saying she can't sleep. When I arrived last night from work and checked them out she was fast asleep. But when she went to pee and saw a light downstairs, she started crying and said that she can't sleep. I was resting last night, having my peace time and there she goes crying. Crying in the morning and now it's crying again. And it's midnight. You gotta be kidding me or is this some kind of joke???

I hate crying but I cried this morning in front of my hubby. Can't take it anymore. Finally had a meltdown. It's my turn to cry and be angry. I went to the washroom and just sat there. Not crying anymore but thinking and telling myself "please, enough of this drama of yours. Stop it, I know it's really hard but it's just the way it is. You can handle this, they are just kids and they are your kids and you love them."

So I went out and went back to bed and lay down again. Hubby entered the room and said "don't worry I'll talk to them. They're just kids. We should be patient with them." And he kissed me on the cheek.

I know they're only kids but sometimes they pushed me to my limits. And I am angry because I have to work 3 weeks straight, so tired and sleepy, guilty because I seldom see them and if ever had the chance you have to see these scenario. Oh, how I wish I work day shift so I can see them at night before they go sleep. How I wish I am a stay home mom to take care of them and be with them. How I really wish!

And before hubby leaves the room,"If you want I can drive you to Winners tomorrow before you go to work."

As if going to a store will help me! Hmmm, maybe a little. :/

The result of being frustrated and angry: cooked fried chicken, my kids favourite!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

singing along with my morning song

Mornings are always a chaos here in our house. I was always awaken by my hubby's voice yelling just to wake up my daughters. It's like the house is shaken by his voice. You can hear groaning,crying and yelling as a reply. Me, I go straight to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast snacks and lunches. I just find peace if they've left already. Now I have so much cleaning to do... and while doing it I'm singing along with this song:

Now, I'm awake already and ready for another day.

What is your song today?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

foreign land

Thanks Shell for having this link.

Do I like it here?

Which is better here or back home?

These are the two questions I always encounter. What's my answer? Yes, I like it here. But I missed back home. Here is better, that's the practical answer.

For more than two years now, my family is surviving here in Canadian soil. Same situation for all the immigrants out there struggling in a land that will give a better life.

I am always thinking of going back every time I feel so low. Questioning myself why do we have to go here and experience all these hardships. Living here is a big difference compared back home. From the weather, food, people and culture. Working with different people(different culture backgrounds) is a shock for me. I missed working with my countrymen because they treat you nice, and with respect not as some kind of dirt coming from a small country. Yes, that I experienced here. Maybe because of my color and English is not my first language. Maybe because I am an immigrant and they say there's no racial discrimination or whatsoever. But the people who treated me like this are people who migrated here also.

But I like it here if we are not talking of my job. It is good for my kids. and where can you have free Catholic education? It's for their future. And we learn to be simple. We are not easily tempted of the material things. My husband and I became better parents to our kids. My hubby really changed from a do-nothing-husband before now a hands-on-husband, domesticated and more responsible. Back home we seldom talk because he is always out. We have only each other now. No friends, no distractions, only us his family. And that's the best thing.

But what am I going to come back for? Back home we don't have our own house. We don't have a job. And if we come back we will start all over again. Maybe I just missed back home. Missed our families and the Filipino culture. And it's Christmas time again, I love Filipino Christmas.

Next year, I'll be our third year here and will apply for citizenship. Excited? Yes and no. But definitely we will apply.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my Supposedly Xmas shopping

I decided to have MY Xmas shopping last Saturday. I need to reward myself since I've been working on weekends twice last November and will work straight from Dec. 3-23 including weekends. so no time to shop. I was thinking of buying a new pair of boots (after reading Sandra's Boots Fashion Show). It'll be great to have one especially wearing my jeggings.

We went first to StyleSense (shoes haven with low prices). No luck. We went next to Winners my favorite store (who doesn't?). But unfortunately, I don't find anything I like.
Whenever we go to Winners, my kids usually stays at the toys section. So I let them scan the toys there. My son saw a pencil set with a Bakugan design. Bakugan? what's that? He never let go of the pencil set. so I just let him hold it for a while and maybe before we leave the store he will forget about it. I found a pair of pants for him and went straight to the cashier. Since Christmas is fast approaching, expect a long line. And there, a very, very long line. I'm not falling in line, don't have the patience to stand there for only one item. And besides it will really take my time and I don't have my boots yet.

Ready to leave, here comes my son holding the Bakugan pencil set. He really wants it. I told him I am not buying it. After hearing the NOT buying it, he's ready to throw a tantrum. Teary eyed and crying out loud made me irritated. I told my hubby I will not fall in line for just two items. Sorry son, cry your heart out, even cry out loud and make a scene but I will definitely not be carried away.

A little irritated, what's a Bakugan anyway? Bakugan is a Japanese anime Tv series which initially failed in Japan but is so popular in USA and Canada. What's in it that he really like? And how come he knew about it? So Hubby and I decided to take him to Walmart and look for a Bakugan toy. So he agreed and stopped crying. Next destination: Walmart.

Finally, we found the Bakugan toy and costs almost six dollars! But since we promised, we bought it. Enough with the Bakugan! It's my turn now. We went to another Winners, still no luck. But hubby is happy, he bought a pair of Nike rubber shoes. Hmmp... and I'm the one shopping here.

And we went home without my boots. :(

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Sunday Song

This is my Sunday Song participation. Thanks to Natasha for having this Sunday Song.

Christmas in our hearts
is one of the Filipino all-time favorite Christmas song. Sung by Mr. Jose Marie Chan and his daughter.

Happy listening!

Friday, December 3, 2010


This morning my son asked, "Mom, why is there a chair outside the house? The one beside the front door?"

I replied,"That chair? Oh, it's for Santa. He will sit there while thinking how will he enter our house since we don't have a chimney."

"Ooooh." he said with a smile in his face while the two girls are giggling.

"He has magic. He can squeeze in the space here between the wall and door." he added.

I just agreed with him.

And off they go.

This made me smile as I close the door.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday cooking

I'm not an expert in cooking. I didn't even inherit my mom's and sister's cooking skills. I am no match to them. But i tried to cook. Maybe I'm more of a baker.

Here's what I cooked today,

Baked pasta with beef and green bell peppers, topped with sliced cheddar cheese.
This will be my kids lunch tomorrow. Maybe their dinner tonight.

And also I cooked crab and corn soup. Great for cold weather...

Hope they will like it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Enjoy the little things in life. One day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

- from Geranium Lady’s Funny Little Book of Big Laughs

Seen this one verse posted by keys and fingers

This is a good start for the day.

Have a great Wednesday to all!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

and now it's snowing...

here it comes, snow!

not happy about it but the kids are excited...

let it snow, let it snow! even I don't want to.

kids are glad, they can have snow balls and snow man, and white christmas.

Friday, November 26, 2010


and now they are singing Xmas carols!

i wish...

2nd daughter: "I wish I have the face of Ate"

Me: "Why???"

2nd daughter: "Because I love her face!"

Me: "Why you don't love your face???" hmmm, she's starting to compare her looks to her Ate.
"Don't you like your face? because I love yours..."

2nd daughter: "I do."

Son: "People are different, Ate. We have different faces even twins they are different."

Ate: " Yeah, even twins!"

And conversations go on...while eating our favorite chips- CLOVER CHIPS

Small bonding moments of the three kiddos...

be thankful

Good morning!

Time really flies and days go by. And now it's Friday again. It's PD day again and my kids are here. I woke up and I learned that they had their breakfast already. They had pandesal with butter (Filipino sweet bread that I bought yesterday). Thanks to "Ate"- Filipino term for eldest sister, she knows how to feed her siblings if I'm sleeping or not available to them. It's always like that every weekend where I wake up late. They know that I have to rest since I work in afternoon shift.

At their young age they learn to be independent. Ate dresses my son every morning while I'm cooking or preparing breakfast, 2nd daughter knows how to take a shower on her own. You see in the Philippines we had a nanny or we call her "yaya". She takes care of my kids feeding them, help them dressing up, give them baths, every care she can give to my kids. I was a working mom already back home so I need someone to take care of the kids.

Now we cannot afford to have a nanny because it's so expensive. We just have a babysitter for few hours when we are at work. You have to do all on your own, do household chores, takes care of the kids, cook, do the laundry,everything because you have nobody else to it for you, it's only you and your husband. Back home we can afford to have a house help or kasambahay aside from the nanny. They will do chores in the house, so after work you're not rushing to cook dinner or worry to do a thing, you just sit down and relax.

If we're still there, my kids will not be as independent as they are now. They understand now that its only themselves that they can depend to. And I'm thankful that they are smart to understand things that they are to young for. And they are willing to help me in chores especially arranging their closets, cleaning up their mess after playing even though you have to remind them for the nth time. At least they are doing it...

And one thing that I'm really thankful and grateful is making us closer and stronger. My relationship now with my hubby is better compared when we're back home. As I have mentioned, we have a house help so my hubby did not do any single chore in the house. Now, it's division of labor in the house. My friend Pearl even mentioned to me she can't imagine my hubby being domesticated! Well, new place changes everything. You have to adapt and adjust, because you have to.

And if you'll ask me which is better? Well I like it now. As days pass by, we mature and learn from mistakes. Be grateful that we have a house, a job, food to eat and have things that we can afford to buy. And especially having a family that you love and loves you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


Last Saturday, I had a chance to talk to my mother-in-law via long distance call. Usually we talked about how's life here and there, tell her stories about her grand kids. She really missed the kids.

We lived with her for 7 years. Before it's just the three of them my parents-in-law and hubby living in the old house plus one house help. My husband and I stayed there after we got married. Then came our daughter no.1, then no.2 and then our son. For 7 years the house was full of noise made by the three kids. The house was really organized, free of clutter and mess since my MIL is a retired elementary teacher. But when the kids were born, the house was different.

MIL is so kind to me, it's like I'm the daughter. But still mother and daughter in law relationship has it flaws. We don't fight but there are instances that we have misunderstanding. And usually we always had different views on everything maybe because of the age gap. She's old school and I ,a young and modern mom.

And then we migrated here. Now the house is organized and clean, no more mess, clutter free. Of course, no more kids there, no more yelling, running, crying. It's the same as before. Only my parents in law and two house help in the house. My mom (my own mother) told me that it's so silent there unlike before.

I miss the house, and I miss my in-laws especially MIL. If I have the time to talk to her, I really give her a nice conversation with me. Unlike her daughters (sisters-in-law) and son(my hubby), they don't have the patience to have a chitchat. After few minutes they will give the phone to me. It's so weird how they talk to their mother, it's different compared to me when I was talking to my own mom.

Well, it's different for every family. But I'm very lucky to part of this family. I'm really grateful because my hubby's family is so supportive, very generous, very helpful. And they treat me really as PART of their family. And love me, too. That's what you get when you gave them beautiful and adorable kids!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I cooked longganiza (Filipino version of sausage) this morning as breakfast. While the kids are eating, 2nd daughter said, “I miss the red hotdog.”
Eldest said,”Me, too. Sarap nun! (It’s so delicious!)”
Son said, “Me, three!”
2nd daughter asked, ”Mom, is there red hotdogs here?”
I answered,” Naku , anak wala nun ditto, e. Sa Pilipinas lang meron. Kahit ako miss ko na rin yun. (There’s none here, it is sold I think only in the Philippines. I miss it too.)”

The red hotdog we are talking about is the Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog. It’s the famous brand of hot dog in the Philippines. And tastes good nothing can imitate it or beat it. Back home it’s a staple for our family to have PTJH. I fried it with garlic so it’s really delicious. I look for it here in Canada especially in Filipino and Chinese stores but cannot find it. Maybe it’s not exported here.

And I heard the kids, “Pag-uwi ko kakain ako ng madami nun!”

a new one

in order to include my playlist in my blog, i decided to create a new one. yes, another blog.

for my new blog, this will be anything, about everything. and it will be available soon.

friday i'm in love

i so love this song!


Harry potter 7 now showing!

My kids and I are excited about it since we're fans of harry potter movies. I bought the hp 1-6 collection last year. Watching hp movies are just one of our bonding moments. I have the complete collection of the harry potter books but unfortunately I left it back home (Philippines). I got only book 7 here.

Sometimes we just chatted about harry potter and I listen to their 1001 questions and tried to answer them, especially questions from my son who is just 5 years old.

I told my eldest this morning maybe we can watch it tomorrow, can't wait for it! We seldom watch movies in theaters since it is expensive. But if we really like the movie just like this one, maybe it's worth watching it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Entrecard sent an email to me that it's not allowed to have a playlist or auto-audio something in my blog. hmmp, i just want to share my faves. anyway i just worked on my badge. and i finally finished it. thanks to BlogHer and smilemonsters!

now you can grab my badge...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


cooking, cleaning the kitchen, folding clothes, doing the laundry, and blogwalking at the same time!


now it's time to post one!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My MOnday Adventure

Tell me why I don't like Mondays as the song says...

I went out early yesterday to go to Service Canada. It will take 3 buses to go there. When I reached my 2nd stop, oh my there's the 3rd bus! And there I was, running as if I'm in a track and field race. And it's so dangerous bec. it'a busy street with all the trucks, cars and buses passing. I don't know how'd I manage to cross that street, and I Made it to bus number 3.

I got off walked straight to SC office. Waiting time- 40-60 minutes. I'll be stucked here I said to myself. Then, the receptionist called me, I told her what I need and just found out that my ROE (records of employment) is submitted already electronically. What the heck??? And I thought I should submit it personally!

I went staight to the washroom, checked my appearance(what do I look will all the running), did my business there and left SC office.

There I go again, destination: bus stop again. Waiting for the bus took me 15 mins. longer than staying in SC office. Luckily, the weather yesterday is nice. But my backpack is killing me. I don't know why, I did not bring any lunch. Maybe my water bottle?

I reached the nearest mall. I still have time to eat lunch and look around.Yey! This is the part that I'm looking forward to. I can look for my Xmas tree decor.

Got the decor, went straight again to bus #2 and off to work again...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Good day!

it's only half of the day and i'm exhausted already. I woke up late and started cleaning right away after seeing the sink(you know what's in it), loaded the laundry and started cooking. Before I finish all of these it's already 12nn. Did some good grooming to my 3 kids- cutting nails, cleaning ears, bathe my son, and soma chitchat with them. Then it's my turn to prepare myself for today's work.

My hubby, is in the mood in vacuuming but I hate it when he's cleaning because he always complain about all the mess. Hmmp, maybe he's not used to doing that.

Now I am writing this while waiting for my carpool. Relaxing and getting ready for another hard day's work.

How's your day?

Friday, November 12, 2010

gloomy friday

I don't like today. it's so gloomy actually foggy. Mr. Sun where are you?
Just want to sit down or lie down and sleep.

Hope Mr. Sun will show up and brighten my day.

No weekend off for me, will work until Friday next week. :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My discoveries today,

These make me laugh! :)
Are mom and dad not allowed also?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

to my bff

dear pearl,

This blog post is my gift for you.

I want to be the first to greet you a happy birthday. We've been friends for more than 10 years now, 16 years to be exact, including our freshman year in college where we first met.

Looking back to all those years, I want to thank you for being my "bestfriend" even there are years that we don't see or hear from each other. I really miss our katakawan, the dieting scheme that is not effective, study nights where we ended sleeping (Hahaha!), window shopping, watching reality bites for so many times, my sleep over, overnights in IPB for thesis experiment, the sopas of nanay luming, and treating and accepting me as part of your family.

You are so sweet and thoughtful, sending me my pregnancy book (you think I already forgot!), Lisa loeb CD, the 3rd album of Eraserheads-Circus album my favorite, and many little but simple things. I'm really grateful for that. And you also sent me books, twilight and one by mitch albom, from Hawaii!

I'm sorry I did not return the rivermaya casette tape and eraserheads magazine. I know the magazine is a collector's item now. And sorry if maybe sometime I hurt your feelings.

I am so happy now we are able to communicate (thanks YM!) almost in daily basis and catched up for the years that we don't see each other.

I thank the Lord for giving me a friend like you and one of the best.

So for you, Pearl, wish you a happy birthday. Hope you enjoy you're day and have pancit for long life. If we're neighbors I'll make a cheesecake for you.

Love you and always smile,


remember these pictures?

lost kid

This afternoon on my way to work, as I was riding the bus and had a quick nap (20 mins. ride to my 1st stop, I was awakened by the voice of the driver talking to somebody. I sat near the front area of the bus. And when I opened my eyes, the driver wa talking to a kid, around 4-5 yrs. of age. The driver said to him to stay inside the bus until somebody picks him up. A kid is lost! Everybody was staring at the poor kid. I don't know the whole story, but I think the boy was left behind by his guardian. Poor boy! But he is calm and quiet, not frightened.

I cannot imagine my son, to be lost and left behind. IF that will happen to me, I'll go crazy!

I just wish he will be united to his parents.

Monday, November 8, 2010

then and now

Time really flies...and that means I'm getting older! Oh, no!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

X'mas tReE

First week of November had passed already. December is fast approaching and this means Christmas season! We, my family are excited on having Christmas decor inside the house. So, we decided to buy a Xmas TrEE. Luckily, there's a sale in Canadian Tire Store and told my my husband to go to that store last Friday before it will be sold out. In this store, they don't offer rain checks for items that are on sale.

My kids are really excited to set up the tree. It's like I'm hearing a million times of the word PLEASe.

We set up the tree. Now we need decor for the tree.

We bought some Xmas balls and a star for the tree. It's so hard to choose what decor, and decided to have red and gold as the motif.

We also included the ceramic Xmas decor my kids painted.
Not bad for our first Xmas TrEE. Maybe few more decor. Ribbons? Garland? few more red and balls?

Christmas is in the air in our house and we're really excited. This OUR house, our very OWN house. The Xmas tree is so simple, but we love it, our kids love it. And it's personalized with their painted decor. And they also sang Christmas carols as we put the decor on the tree.

Can't help singing,

"O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging;
Not only green when summer's here,
But also when 'tis cold and drear.
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Thy leaves are so unchanging!

Friday, November 5, 2010

flu is all around us...

After a month of having virus inside the house (my 3 kids and had chicken pox; I was the last one to have it and the worst!), now it's stomach flu!
My 2nd daughter has it yesterday and now it's my son's turn. When will these sickness be gone in our household? It's so hard when the kids are sick.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Kids do not have a hard a time in learning gadgets such as iphone, laptops, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Ipod etc. It's like they really know these stuff even if it's they're first time to see it.

Yesterday, my uncle and aunts talked to me about something. OMG! My second daughter took a picture of my son's private using my uncle's iphone! I checked the pictures and out of hundred pictures there are two pictures of behind and the private. Other pictures are just funny faces of them, things in the house, etc. But the two pictures made me shocked! They asked me to talk with the two in a nice way. So I talked, asked and explained to them. I asked them why they did it. They just said they don't know. So in other words, it's just a joke to them. They are just amazed of the iphone with camera. I kept calm during our conversation avoiding to be angry. I don't have problem with my eldest bec. I explained her already about "privates". So I asked them not to do it. They promised me back.

Kids life are so simple yet for we adults make them complicated because of our fears that they may hurt themselves, make mistakes, do things that are bad, may hurt other feelings and many other fears. We make sure that we protect them from these.

Kids do things out of curiosity not knowing that it's not allowed. When I knew that they took pictures of the "private", I can't help but laugh bec. I know it's nothing to them but I can't also help that this is very sensitive. Taking pictures using cellphones, cameras, Dsi is not a bad thing but you will never know what are in these pictures. And my uncle stressed out to me that if he hadn't checked his phone, and somebody look in the pictures maybe he will be asked why he has these private pictures? This is so sensitive. But he understood my kids. It's out of curiosity, nothing else.

In the end, I deleted the pictures along with hundred plus non-sense pictures that they took. I told my husband about this and we just laughed about it.

We're so lucky, my uncle and aunt are psychiatrists. They told us to spend more time with the kids bec. they really need it. They need love, affection, appreciation and respect in order for them to love and appreciate themselves and others, too. Thanks T. Dads and T.Pearl!

And my husband and I agreed. :)

And to all parents out there, with your busy schedules and all, spent quality time with your kids bec. time will come you cannot force them to have quality time with you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I went out today to see the doctor. As i've written before I've been quarantined due to chicken pox. Finally, I was outside, had fresh air eventhough it's cold and windy and had sunshine on my skin.

My looks also improved esp. on the face but there still dried scabs on my body. The doctor said that I can work on Monday. Back to work, back to reality.

It's a great feeling going outside, I think my mood is better. It's like I'm alive again! Hahaha

Thank God for a great day. Have a nice day to all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Browsing through my pictures, I saw this one. This is my 2nd attempt to bake choco crinkles. Now i'm craving for one!

credit cards

We're planning to buy a bedframe and we saw one that we really like. We went to Sears, and inquire about easy payment since the bedframe is expensive. The salesperson advised us to have a Sears card. So I started filling up forms then the salesperson started processing it. But I was declined for a the credit limit that we desired and was accepted only for the minimum that they can give. So she called a number and asked if i can be granted with the higher credit limit. After explaining, the person wanted to ask me some information that can be used for evaluating my credit history. She asked so many questions thru phone and my husband was impatient and decided to charge the full payment in my other credit card. at the end we did not avail of the easy payment.

I'm just wondering why am i not granted with higher credit limit for Sears card. I have another in-house card and i filled the application inside the store. After a month i think the card was approved with a reasonable credit limit and without interviews or whatsoever. no questions asked.

Maybe bec. Sears is a US company and the other is not? Well it's ok i don't need many cards anyway. not fond of it actually afraid of it.

happy day

today is a happy day, why?

1) talking to relatives that you haven't seen and talked for a long while

2) INDIEBON will send me the album on NiNNI -YEs! can listen to her
always...thanks INDIEBON

3) it's sunny today-yey! hello sunshine! :)

hope my happiness will continue the rest of the day...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

good day

good morning!

have my morning coffee and p&j sandwich.yummy!

i'm not a coffee person, one coffee a day and that's it. and i'm not meticulous with what kind of coffee i'll have, either instant or brewed. but of course, brewed is better, esp. the kapeng barako from Philippines. I like the one from my hometown Tiaong. I missed also the san mig 3-in-1 coffee, tastes and smells good. If you prepare one the aroma of the coffee will fill the whole room. Can't find it here in my place.

So I made my own concoction, 1 cup of hot skim milk, 1 tsp. instant coffee(Tchibo brand from Karpaty), and 2 tsps. sugar. Weird huh? but it is good. try it!

Monday, October 25, 2010


i love shopping! now that i'm bored i think about shopping. i am not a shopaholic but i like shopping and who doesn't like shopping?

upon reading blogs, i saw the brand Soia & Koy, the have an outerwear sale. i love their wool coats but when i saw the price i was shocked. so expensive and i'm not for this price range. well what do i expect it's hautelook and this will not fit my lifestyle. but i like it.

i'll just stick to window shopping...


i'm bored. i know i have so many things to do, but i don't have the drive to do it plus the weather, just want to sit and watch TV or surf the net.

i've been a "prisoner" for 13 days already, having been sick and quarantined, i'm really bored. i already did some chores but don't want to force myself to much. i want to go out but cannot. bec. of this s----d chicken pox, i am imprisoned here.

few more days and i can go out and breathe fresh air and have sunshine on my skin. will i look the same??? now i look like connect the dots. i hate it. plus the itchiness but i can't do it, afraid i'll have scars.

be patient... at least i don't have fever now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We bought a GPS last July 17. We thought we did not need one. But we want to explore places and it's so hard to read the map. And we decided to have one. We bought ours from Future shop - $69.99 on sale, TomTom brand but refurbished. Normally prices of GPS ranges to $100-$300, that's why before we don't buy one. Asked some questions about how it works and what's the difference between refurbished and not refurbished.

We tried it and oohh... it's better than the map! after exploring and trying we saw ourselves already heading to harbour front in downtown. My husband is not really familiar with the streets in downtown and GPS really helped him a lot! So we reached harbour front easily parked and headed to centre island. Stayed there for 3 hrs. We enjoyed the place and we're coming back definitely.

And with the help of the mighty GPS, we easily got home without hassle. Thanks GPS, and I think this a good decision and good buy, too.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

my andrius

One day in downtown Toronto,
my son Andrius said "Mom, I want to be an actor."
"Ok, son, but you have to follow what the director will tell you, like cry.
Then he said" What??? Why?"
I answered "because an actor should know how to do all kinds of expressions and feelings."
Then he asked again "why?" I answered "because it's the way it is. Can you show me diffent expressions? Can you show me a happy face, how bout an angry one? a scary one? Wow, pede na. You can be an actor.
The he smiled back at me.

These past few days, every time Andrius gets frustrated, he cried with tears. Every time he gets mad he cried. Yesterday while he was eating lunch, he said to me that he's finish already but when I saw his plate he's not yet finished. So I told him eat your food.
"But I don't want to. I'm full already."
"No, you're not, eat."
Then he started crying again.
"Why are you crying? I told you, you should not cry because your a big boy now not a baby anymore. You're turning 5 this month. So from now on no more crying."

Then, he looked confused and said "How can I be an actor if I'm not allowed to cry?" with teary eyes again.

I answered with a smile "Oh, dear baby andrius, it's a different thing. Ok stop crying now. You can still cry if the director requests it." And i gave him a hug.

Oh, kids, I love them. Their lives are so simple but complicated to them.


i love cheesecakes especially the blueberry one. Ever since I came here in Canada I think I just ate cheesecake only twice because it is expensive. The first cheesecake I bought was from Fortino's (a grocery chain here) and it's the house brand, President's Choice. It costs I think CAD$7.00 for a quarter of a 9-inch round pan.

I also tasted one from Karpaty/Euromax (Polish Grocery) but I don't like their version of cheesecake because it has gelatin in it, not pure cream cheese.

Since I really crave for blueberry cheesecake, I decided to make one last weekend. But first I have to buy the ingredients, cream cheese, filling, sour cream. I bought first also a baking pan from Winners. I really have to do this because I have a pan already. We went to NO Frills last Sunday, bought cream cheese, blueberry filling (No Name brand since it costs less but the same quality), 14% sour cream, Graham for crust, all these from the recipe "Philadelphia New York Cheesecake Squares."

I did not follow the exact recipe since it calls for a square one, so I used a round pan, reduce the measurements in half (I'm on a budget!), and it's my first time to do it so making a small cake is OK in case the output will no be ok. But I'm really hoping it will...

Ingredients complete, measuring cups, spoons, checked. Oh, the mixer! We dropped by at my sister-in-law's house to pick up the long overdue of picking up the mixer. She gave me the mixer because she's not using it for a long time. Did I mention that my husband's family are experts in baking? Yeah, my mother-in-law and her daughters. I think they grew up baking since they make good money out of it. And they made good cakes as I have heard. I tasted the rolls, macaroons and chiffon cake, and they are right it's really good!

So I had the mixer and I'm ready to roll. I made the cake last Monday, so tired already last Sunday.

Read the recipe over and over, then started. Crust first, then mixing the ingredients, cheese, sugar, sour cream, eggs. and i forgot to add vanilla. It's not on my list when I did the shopping. Hmmp, one ingredient out. What the heck, with or without vanilla, I will finish the cake!

After preparing for about 30 minutes, baked the cake for an hour (the recipe said 40-45 mins.) Cooled it down and refrigerated it. I reminded my kids not to touch the cake because it's not yet done.

I came home that night from work and excited to finish the cake. I opened the blueberry filling and put some on top of the cake. Wow, I can't wait to taste it...

Not bad for the first time, even though the sides are not perfect. My craving for cheesecake is satisfied now. My husband and kids liked it and they want me to bake one again...
And the cheesecake only lasted for 1 day...

Next for my baking, carrot cake (I did this before!), Mommy Fely's famous rolls(only tried once) and crinkles (as inspired by my friend Duch back in college).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


it's been almost 2 years since we left the Philippines. Everything is new for us (my family migrated here in Canada), a big adjustment will be made. New environment, new weather, new people, everything is new. but i did not really felt homesick.

last night, i greeted my mom through FB. It's their 40th wedding anniversary. Yes, 40th. I asked her did you have any celebration? She answered "wala, kasi wala nman kayo d2 e." then she told me she felt like crying after she read my greeting in FB.
We chatted for few more minutes and i told her it's time for me to sleep since it's already late.

I can't sleep that night. i was thinking about what she said. that she really missed us, ginger and I since we're very far from her. I missed the times that I can easily talk to her. The times that we chatted, mom, ginger, me and toni. It's like we're just sisters even with the age gap. I miss her very much even sometimes I gave her sermons, it's the other way around, I gave sermons to my mom. I missed that. I missed her advices and teachings about life. I really learned a lot from her especially as a mother. I learned to be strong, be patient, be respectful because of her.

Now i felt homesick. I missed home, even my second home (mommy fely's home.) Maybe someday I'll be home, but not now...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

reel mower

i finally assembled our reel mower. got it from canadian tire for only $69.99 (yeah, it's on sale). I thought it's hard because when i opened the box and saw the knots, bolts, etc. i thought i cannot do it. but yesterday bravely opened it and patiently read the instructions. it's easy, i thought only a guy can do it! but i did it!

next step: MOW THE LAWN

after assembly, did some testing to a part of the lawn then it goes, and goes, easy, gave a big push, hmm yeah it can cut grass! not bad for a non-electric/gas operated mower. and i finished mowing the backyard. not bad for a beginner!

now, removing the mowed grass. yeah, since it's a reel mower, there's no bag to catch the grass unlike lawn mowers (expensive ones $200 and up) with so many gadgets or specialty included.

ours is just a mower. It cannot cut the tall, long, skinny grass. i think i need a grass trimmer. maybe i'll just borrow. we bought also a rake. so i raked (is it the right verb?) the mowed grass. it's easy but it's tiring to hold the rake for a long period. took a rest every once in a while.

now i'm looking at the back yard, i think it's better but not comparable to my neighbor's backyard, but at least it's a start.

now it's the front yard's turn.